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10 Best Ways To Know How To Have A Healthy Vagina?

We all know that we need to make sure that we stay fit and healthy as a woman. And we are taking care of our vagina as much as we take care of the skin and other body parts of our body. Our vagina is a significant part of our organization and there are different types of vagina shapes. But sometimes in our busy life schedule, we forget to focus on our body parts, especially our private parts. It’s imperative to have a proper hygienic routine for our vagina. But the question is How to have a healthy vagina?

Suppose you notice an unusual smell, discharge, wetness down there. It is a clear sign of poor vaginal health and issues in the vagina. First of all, we need to understand that every vagina is different. And you should always consult a doctor or a specialist if you face unusual smell, extreme itching in the area, excessive dryness, wetness, or inflammation. These are a clear sign of a vaginal infection.

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Types of Vaginal Infection:

Vaginal infections can be of a lot of types. The following table describe about it.

How To Have a Healthy Vagina.
Types of vaginal infection Description
Bacterial infections  Overgrowth of a certain kind of bacteria that are already there in your vagina can lead to bacterial vaginosis.
Yeast infections  Infections caused by a fungus known as Candida albicans. Some symptoms of it is a foul smell, weird mushy discharge.
Protozoan parasite  It may cause a vaginal infection called trichomoniasis. Some symptoms are difficulty while peeing.
Menopause It is most common among 45-60 years old ladies. It can cause vaginal atrophy that may lead to thinning of vaginal wall and dryness.
Irritants  Using external material on sensitive areas such as soaps, vaginal wash, body washes, powder, perfumes, and vaginal contraceptives can cause vaginal irritation. Tight and unbreathable clothing can also trigger rashes and inflammation in your vagina. 
Periods Usually during periods when women don’t take much care and wear feminine hygiene products for a longer duration, it may lead to infection. 

There might be specific questions in your mind, for example: 

  • 1. How to stay fresh down there all day? 
  • 2. How to clean private parts after urination?
  • 3. How to make your bag look good?
  • 4. What is a natural way to cleanse after your period?
  • 5. How to do self-care down there? 

These are some basic queries every girl aged between 15-60 has in her life. To answer these questions, you need to understand your vagina. There is a certain pH level down there, ph balance in the female body is essential and which is anywhere between 3.5 and 4.5, indicating that it is super acidic down there. If you do anything that leads to a change in the vagina’s pH level of the vagina, it will lead to infection. We also need to know that vagina is super sensitive and self-cleaning, so using external products usually disturbs the pH level of the vagina leading to infections and infertility. However, there are many natural remedies to restore ph balance, which can provide better outcomes.

So, Here are Ten Habits as a Female Hygiene Checklist To Know How To Have a Healthy Vagina.

1. Oral probiotics: 

Probiotic foods is one of the main things to keep in mind. As it contains good bacteria that one might loose due to unprotected sex or tight clothes. So try adding yogurt, sour pickle, soft cheese, etc. 

2. No unprotected sex:

Its essential to make sure that you use a condom every time as semen is usually at 7 to 7.5 pH level, which may lead to infection or unwanted pregnancy. Hence, ph balance in the female body is essential for a healthy vagina.

3. Clothing:

It is vital to wear breathable and soft clothes. For example, using cotton panties is necessary as silk or synthetic cloth might lead to rashes and bumps with more extended use. Thongs might look beautiful, but make sure you don’t wear it for more than 4-5 hours. 

4. Clean:

It is essential to clean your vagina after urination, period, sex, or masturbation. One can check out a video for how to clean private part after urination? Make sure you use toilet paper to wipe your vagina every time you pee as there might be a drop or two left down there that may lead to changes in the ph level. 

5. Eat healthy:

Its very important to eat healthily and in the right amount to make sure that your vagina stays healthy. Also, stop any bad habits like smoking and drinking, as in the long run, they have a considerable effect on your fertility and overall health.

6. Kegel exercise:

Now, you may ask,” What are kegel exercises?” when people ask how to get rid of a saggy vag without surgery? These are some exercises which can help you. In these exercises, you contract and relax your vaginal muscle, which allows you to pee. It makes your vagina strong and healthy and enables you to get rid of a saggy vag without surgery.

7. Good hygiene

Its paramount to make sure you maintain good health as of wiping your vagina thoroughly yet subtly after a bath, peeing, or any sexual intercourse. Wear breathable and clean undergarments. It is your preference to shave down there as vaginal hair or pubes might carry undesirable bacteria. But at the same time, they save you from any external organism entering your vagina.

8. Right treatment:

Its crucial if you are suffering from any vaginal infection. Please consult a doctor and get it treated with proper medication and care. 

9. Use lubricant:

It is essential to use suitable quality lubricants during sexual intercourse as rough sexual intercourse might lead to rashes around the vaginal wall, and might leads to infections.

10. Visit your gynecologist regularly:

It is imperative to visit your gynecologist every six months for a regular checkup. They will check periodically for any cyst or infection down there. It is ideally said that as soon as a girl gets her first period, she should start visiting the doctor. One should not wait for a missed period or horrible cramps or burning sensation while peeing to visit the doctor. 


Your vaginal health is essential, and you should know how to take care of it. Else, healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and avoiding smoking or drinking can help in the long run. There is many ways to know How to have a healthy vagina? Read this article thoroughly to learn some of it. If you follow all these habits, it will help your vagina in staying healthy, happy, and also free from any kind of Infections. 

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