Hot Vs. Cold Shower – Which One Is Best.

It has well quoted that “When all else fails, take a bath.” Nothing is meaningless in this world. Our regular baths are just not mere routine work. They are also boosters to cool our minds. You can begin the day with a fresh startup. Hot Vs Cold Shower is it important to understand which one is better On the other while Hot Vs Cold drinking is also necessary. Anyhow, the usefulness of regular baths can’t deny because Science also proves how bathing can ensure optimal health of the body as well as mind. Let us discuss in detail.

Do you know how a dip into the bathtub could affect you?

Here are some points that show the significance of showers, baths, and rinsing.

Baths Can Elevate Your Mood:

A bathroom is a place when you are at peace with yourself. Bathing can clear the emotions of depression and also anxiety as showers are a perfect combo of isolation, silence, and leisure. You can also sense the closeness of yourself as comforting as a baby in a womb. Bathing induces an exceptional sensation of easiness and security to your mind, and subsequently, deep relaxation to your body. So, you can enjoy your company at your best comfort zone.

Baths Allow You to Sleep Well:

A recent study claims that a subsequent change in body temperature after a shower will help to induce sleep. Logically, at night, our body temperatures generally decline, forming a melatonin hormone, which is a sleeping hormone. Bathing will look at first boost your body temperature, and then it will rapidly cool it down. Thus stimulating the formation of melatonin, and also sending you off to a night of better sleep.

Baths Encourage Ingenious Ideas:

It is an area where brilliant ideas strike up in your mind. When we are at our relaxed state of mind during a shower, it activates our creative insight. The alpha waves that ripple in our brain day and night is at ease at that time. Hence, it nurtures and urges us to focus on something unusual. Hence, it can penetrate our minds with artistic qualities, compositions, themes, or creations.

Baths for the Betterment of Our Muscles:

Bathing, especially hot showers are best for instant relief for our muscular pains. Scientifically, this is because heat improves the blood circulation and also helps in relaxing the sore or tight muscles.  You can also add Epsom salts in your warm bath. This has also been proven to reduce inflammation in body joints and muscles caused by arthritis or other muscular diseases. It has also shown beneficial results on peoples suffering from metabolic disorders.

Are Baths for the Welfare of a Healthy Heart?

According to researches, regular baths help to reduce blood pressure, which is significant in preventing major heart ailments, like a heart attack or stroke. Moreover, hot showers induce better blood circulation, which is valuable for a healthy heart.

Showering vs Walking:

According to Researchers, a hot bath induced with good sweating can burn as many calories as while taking a 30- minute walk. This process of losing calories in a bathtub is called passive heating. While a physical exercise tends to make you feel hot and sweaty, passive heating takes place in a warm and also humid environment causing wetness without lifting a finger.

A Hot Shower and Cold Showers:

Either you take a hot water shower, or you receive a cold water bath, both are beneficial for your health. You will be surprised how rains can be helpful for our health. They also have various medicinal benefits. Hot vs cold shower can depend on the situation but a cold shower after hot shower can be damaging.

Benefits of water shower
Benefits of hot water shower and cold water shower

Benefits of Hot and Cold Showers:

Both Hot bath and cold bath have their own various benefits. The following are some common benefits that we try to describe in brief. It also has some disadvantages but benefits overweigh it.

Benefits of Cold Water Showers:
Getting Rid of Laziness:

The cold water bath is useful for overcoming procrastination and sleepiness. They act as great antidotes to keep you alert and active throughout the day. therefore cold shower benefits science as well:

To Prevents from Cold and Fewer:

Cold showers on high fever not recommended, but sometimes, a refreshing water bath at normal conditions helps to refresh your body temperature instantly. Under certain circumstances, it can also prove more helpful after taking fever medication.

Helpful for People Suffering from Depression:

According to Researchers, daily cold showers help to beat depression and also anxiety. Thus, it helps to release a special kind of hormone, beta-endorphins, which treats depression.

Helpful in the Reproductive System:

Researchers admit that and as it stimulates the release of sperm and testosterone levels. Cold shower testosterone is a well-known fact.

Helpful in Respiratory Function:

 It helps in proportionate breathing and therefore improves the functioning of respiration. You can also focus on deep breaths as breathing exercises while bathing.

Robust Immune System:

A cold shower enhances the number of white blood cells in your body. The Protects against diseases. According to Researchers, the process also leads to a boosted metabolic rate stimulating the immune system.

Intensified Energy:

Cold showers allow a mild shake to the body, which provides boosted energy levels and refreshes the mind.

Cooling Effect on Itchy Skin:

A cold water bath or ice packs help to calm and soothe itchy skin. Hence, it acts as an instant home remedy to cure skin discomfort.

It Accelerates Metabolism:

Cold shower therapy for the long term, has proven to increase metabolism rate. Subsequently, it leads to a potential boost in weight loss by burning calories.

Hot Bath and cold water shower Helps to Accelerates Metabolism
Bath Helps to Accelerates Metabolism
It Tightens the Skin Pores:

Coldwater baths help in the maintenance and tightening of your skin in the most natural way. It prevents dirt from entering the skin pores.

Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair:

Cold showers extend your hair and your skin with a higher shine and healthier glance.

It Regulates Blood Circulation:

Perfection in blood circulation indicates better all-around cardiovascular health. Cold showers also help in the proper regulation of blood flow, which allows the blood to surpass the organs.

Demerits of Cold Showers:

Some of the reasons why cold showers are bad for you? Surprisingly, the list of disadvantages of bathing with cold water is quite short.

  1. Cold showers are not beneficial if you are already suffering from freezing, as the cold temperature could make you shiver. In such situations, it will also take time to regain your body’s warmth.
  2. The cold shower and cool temperature could sometime be too hard on your immune system.
Benefits of Hot Water Showers:

Amazingly, to relax with hot bubbles in your bathtub can be so worthwhile for your health and hygiene. Here are the benefits of hot baths.

Fresh and Clean Skin:

A hot moist bath can open up the pores in our skin and give a clean and healthy skin. Moreover, clean and clear water can even wash the dirt and also toxins from our skin and kills germs.

Relief to Muscle Tension:

Hot showers tend to give relaxation to sour and stiff muscles. It helps to improve the flexibility of muscles by working as a mini massage on the shoulders, neck, and back. Hence, there are some benefits of hot bath with Epsom salts

Lowers Blood Sugar:

Hot baths develop a balance in sugar levels, burn calories, and also reduce the risk of diabetes. It also works for regulating blood pressure.

Relieves Cold and Flu Symptoms:

It treats cough and cold as the steam regulates airways and relieves nasal and throat congestion.

Reduces Headache:

Hot baths can lower our tiredness and headache. It has an optimistic effect on our blood vessels that tends to alleviate the pressure on the ship and also calm our problem.

Relaxed Mind:
Relax mind after Hot shower and cold bath
Relax Mind after Hot Shower

With a warm shower after a stressful day out, you can feel comfortable and peaceful. An account demands a restful state, and a hot bath is a perfect way to reduce daily anxiety and make us feel good.

Moisturises the Skin:

The soft, warm water protects the skin moisture for a longer time, which ultimately prevents it from drying up. Besides, it helps to avoid skin wrinkles and other little cracks that appear on dry skin.

Perfect Blood Circulation:

Submerging in hot and warm water acts as an exercise for your blood vessels. It also creates bodily physical pressure and improves blood circulation. As a result, it facilitates heart capacity by making it work faster and stronger.

Fall Asleep Faster:

The hot water bath allows perfect body relaxation and helps to fall asleep soon. The hot bubbles can also easily wash away your troubles and discomfort of mind. So, it supports and soothes us physically and mentally.

Ease During Menstruation:

 A hot bath tends to stimulate blood, which gives relief to menstrual cramps for girls and women.

Demerits of Hot Showers :

Does hot water damage skin, well that may be true if you have sensitive skin. Your favourite hot shower also has some drawbacks. The list is as follows.

  1. Sometimes, hot showers hurt the skin as it may dry out or even cause irritation. Expert has contended that a warm bath may also disrupt the skin cells making it dry and preventing the cavities from locking in moisture.
  2. Very high temperatures are not suitable for health as it may result in dryness of skin or an even worse condition like eczema.
  3. Hot water baths may sometimes add to skin itchiness.
  4. Hot temperature baths not recommended to people having high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease as it may adversely affect them.

Which one is better. A hot shower vs Cold showers?

The apparent benefits of both hot and cold showers, suggests an obvious answer to which type of bath is better?

Hot showers with lukewarm are an ideal choice as the dryness of skin can be tolerable if you apply a moisturizer after your bath. Otherwise, the age-old technique of a contrast shower can also be preferred. Alternatively, one minute each of cold and also hot for three to five cycles can repeat for a startling bath. However, before reaching any conclusion, we also need to consider some factors like the current season, age, habits, disease, etc.

Ayurveda, too, has an explanation for you in this regard as it suggests that the user must both with hot water for the body and cold water for the head. This is because washing eyes and hair with warm water can cause harm. Moreover, Ayurveda water temperature must be according to the following factors:

Hot Vs Cold Shower:

Hot vs cold shower depend on different aspects which can lead healthy as well as unhealthy healthy. So it is necessary to take according to requirement.

Based On Age:

Youngsters can enjoy a cold water bath, but older adults suggested to bathe with hot water. Moreover, washing with cold water will be beneficial for students dedicated to studies or sports.

Based On The Body Type:

If you have a Pitta body, it is better to have a cold *water bath. If your body type is Kapha or Vata, you can use hot water.

Based on Diseases:

The cold-water bath will be good for your health if you are going through indigestion or also liver disorders. But, if you are an epilepsy patient, you should take a bath with lukewarm water.

Based On Your Habits:

A hot shower is a relaxing bath for people who undergo strenuous workouts regularly.

Based On What Time You Bath:

If you take morning baths, a cold water bath will be great. Whereas, if you prefer bathing before bed, then hot showers will allow you to have a sound sleep. Hence, for people who bath in the evening, a hot water bath will be beneficial.

Ayurveda and Bathing ways:

A good bathing experience is ideal for refreshing your mind and body. Ayurveda suggests some natural processes to expose the body properly into the water.

  1. Initially, you can start your bath by washing your hands and feet.
  2. However, if your choice is to bath with cold water, your approach should be from head to toe.
  3. If the user prefers a hot water bath, then you can start by washing your toes first and then move upwards towards the head.
  4. Use mild or herbal soaps instead of using chemically based soaps available in the market.
  5. Eventually, a suitable oil massage with mustard oil or sesame oil before a bath is beneficial for your body as it revitalizes the muscles and improves the skin texture.
  6. Neem leaves have an antibiotic and medicinal effect on our health. So, adding a few neem leaves in your water bucket can prove to be a healthy bath for you.

What is the Best Time to Bath?

Find Best Time for hot Bath and cold bath to Stay Healthy
Find Best Time for Hot Bath and a Cold Bath to Stay Healthy

As already discussed, the necessity of regular baths based on personal hygiene, now question arises what the right time to wash is. Some people favour morning showers, whereas some people choose bathing before going to bed. However, both Science and Ayurveda concepts recommend baths twice a day, i.e., once in the morning and once at night.

As already discussed, the necessity of regular baths based on personal hygiene, now question arises what the right time to wash is. Some people favour morning showers, whereas some people choose bathing before going to bed. However, both Science and Ayurveda concepts recommend baths twice a day, i.e., once in the morning and once at night.

Morning Baths and Early Wake-Up:

According to Ayurveda bath therapy, the morning bath is an essential part of the ayurvedic Dinacharya or daily routine. Scientifically, it also is proven that cold showers in the early morning help to wake you up. You must have noted that when a sprinkle of cold water spray hits your body, it causes a bit of shock or vibration. This vibrational effect results in an increase in oxygen intake and also the risk of heart rate. Hence, it transmits a gentle jerk to the body and awakens you. Consequently, early baths enhance alertness and activeness.

Baths at Night:

Considering tubs before going to bed, Science has concluded that a warm bath for 10 minutes can significantly improve overall sleep efficiency. So, if we take a warm shower as per the right biological time, i.e., one to two hours before bedtime, it will directly help in sound sleep.

Showering According to Mood Variation

No evidence proves that you should bath at a particular time. Eventually, you should decide the right time to bath for yourself as per your goals and also daily workouts. Some people prefer a cup of tea or coffee in the early morning rather than entering in a refreshing shower. You can consider the following points

The Anxiety of Early Wake-Up:

If you feel uneasy and hard to wake up early, morning showers can boost your metabolism and also make you more alert and active.

Hot vs Cold Shower after a Workout:

Sometimes people prefer to bath after tiring workout as it removes sweat, bacteria, and pollutants from the skin. But question occurs which is best Hot vs Cold Shower. Following are some point that people consider to bath after the workout.

For Creative Ideas:

Showers work like a meditation process for creative people.

For Dry Skin:

If you have dry skin, early showers will increase the dryness of the skin.

Oily Skins:

For oily skins, dermatologists recommend bath showers right after getting up. Hence, it is an excellent way of clearing the oil in the skin pores.

For Sexual Desires

A sensual bath with shower icon or cold icon, along with rose petals and fragrances, can set up your mood.

Happy Steam Showers:

Different Kinds Of hot shower and cold shower
Different Kinds Of Hot Shower and Cold Shower

The culture of Steam baths has been significant ever since Greek and Romans, but in our modern era, steam baths have also modernized. People have accepted and realized the potential importance of steam bathing for rest. You can enjoy steam bathing in gyms, spas, or massage centres. And thanks to modern inventions, you can also enjoy private steam showers with steam the bathing machine. This can give you a spa-like feeling and comfort at your sweet home. The convenience of steam therapy can be enhanced if it combined with either music therapy or aromatherapy.

Various Benefits of Steam Baths:

Steam baths are hot water baths that allow your well maintained and sexy body to relieve tension. It has multiple medical, physical and social benefits such as:

Benefits of Steam Baths
1). Opens up the nasal passage.
2). Promotes sinus drainage.
3). Relief to respiratory issues.
4). Lubricates the skin.
5). Relief from stiff joints.
6). Flushes toxins.
7). Soothes chest congestion.
8). Makes shaving easier.
9). Hydrates dry skin.
10). Comfortable hair waxing of hair follicles.
11). Physical fitness of body functioning.
12). Relieves stress.
13). Promotes deep and restful sleep .

Showering Tips:

The duration and number of bath per day may vary as per workouts, habits, and skin types. Here are some exciting and essential bathing tips for you.

  1. Use showers instead of bathtubs as you may fall or slip.
  2. Check some tub images as many bathing styles are available to make your baths comfortable.
  3. Use grab bars for bath Mats in your bathroom to avoid slipping.
  4. Keep soap, towels, and clothes nearby.
  5. Install a bell switch in your bathroom to call someone for help.
  6. Icy baths not recommended as it may lead to body shivering or also affect your health.
  7. In normal conditions, you can bath with either lukewarm water or at appropriate room temperature.
  8. Avoid bathing in a hurry, and give yourself some moments of isolation.
  9. You can add some exercise of deep breathing while taking a bath.
  10. Let yourself enjoy your bath with a relaxed state of mind and body.
  11. You can enjoy gentle aromatherapy in your bathroom, as it will also add to your comfort.
  12. Utilise fresh and clean water to bath and, if possible, use filters to increase purity.
  13. You can add some drops of pleasant fragrances or organic rose Water in your bathtub.
  14. For instant drying, you can use a terrycloth robe and a pair of slipper socks after a shower.
  15. Have a good head massage with herbal oil at least one hour before your head bath.

Bathing of New-Borns Babies:

New Baby Bath
New Baby Bath

Parents are found worried about baths of little ones as they have tender, soft skin. Nurses and gynaecologists don’t recommend regular baths for new-born babies as a need to be kept in protective surroundings. They can skip 1-2 days to take a shower, till they begin to consume their infant cereals and other solid foods. Hence, bathing can be made playful by using toys, rattles, music, or reciting rhymes.

Babies are given baths in various ways. In olden days, Grandmas were experts in carrying the infants and also giving them a comfortable traditional bath on their laps. But the methods of taking a tub of tiny tots have considerably changed with the varied course of times. This is due to the availability of better amenities for babies in the market in the form of bathing accessories such as baby bath seats, bathtubs, shower caps, sponges, bath toys, etc. Nowadays, parents even employ maids or helpers for baby bath. They also consider and compare the hot vs cold shower bath for their child

How to Take a Bath?

  • Keep all bath stocks nearby to ensure easy access to the supplies when a baby on one hand
  • Fill in the bathtub with lukewarm water.
  • Carry the baby into the bathtub area and casually undress the baby.
  • Hold the baby by the arms, and gently place the baby towards the tub feet.
  • Use a baby soap and Slowly lather the baby’s body sparingly the face.
  • You can use a mug or hand-shower to rinse off the soapy liquid.
  • Softly, wipe the baby and wrap in a towel.


Here we learned a lot about Hot Vs Cold Shower/ bathing but to conclude on that. Excess of anything is not good. So taking a shower once or twice in a day is fine. Especially during summers, one tends to take a lot of washing, which is not a good thing. Also, avoid using harsh products while you are in the shower and try to use natural products or products made o natural material. Also, make sure that the towel/ clothes you wear after the relaxing bath is clean and not smelly. Once you are out of a hot shower, make sure you moistures your skin as it is damage with the warm temperature.

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