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How Can A Diabetic Overcome Erectile Dysfunction?

A diabetic patient has a higher chance of developing erectile dysfunction compared to males with no diabetes. Diabetes, whether type 1 or type 2, hastens the onset of erectile issues. Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which the male suffering from it cannot get an erection.

It is also difficult for the affected male to sustain the weak erection. Diabetes is one of the causes behind the erection issue in millions around the world. According to one estimate, 50 % of males with diabetes will face erectile dysfunction within a few years. On the other hand remaining will get it if diabetes is left untreated. Hence, erectile dysfunction test is necessary for diabetic patients. 

Diabetes And Erectile Dysfunction Problems:

Diabetes is the condition of excess sugar, glucose in the blood. Uncontrolled diabetes damages blood vessels. The smaller vessels in the penis are the first to face the adverse impact of diabetes. The damaged vessels cannot sustain adequate blood flow toward the pelvic area, which contains the male organ. The male gets aroused, but the blood circulation also reduced. Hence, it hinders the erection process.

Erectile dysfunction

Erection takes place when the brain sends signals to the central nervous system to stimulate blood circulation. The damage to blood vessels and nerves due to diabetes reduces blood circulation. Thus, even a male is aroused, the erection fails to take place.

Diabetes Also Reduces Testosterone Levels.

Low testosterone level impacts libido, which is the driving force behind the erection process. The estimation is that 25% of males with diabetes experience low libido. Low libido directly causes an erectile problem, as man fails to get an erection. A man with low libido cannot enjoy Sildenafil citrate 200mg, the higher dose prescribed for severe erection resistance.

Diabetes Management Is The Key To Get Back To Normal Erection.

The permanent cure will come only when a diabetic patient takes steps to put diabetes under control. The first step will be medical consultations to understand the needed change. The second step is to modify the lifestyle which handles the present condition.

Change diet to include fat-free and sugar-free diet. Consult a dietician to know the best food items a person with diabetes can eat to lower the sugar levels. The high-fat diet increases the risk of cholesterol in blood vessels. Thus, further complicates the erection issue. Increase consumption of pistachio and fish for omega-three fatty acids in the diet. It cuts the cholesterol levels and clears any obstruction inflow of blood through vessels.

Fruits For The Natural Cure Of Diabetes And Erection dysfunction Issue At The Same Time:

Include fruits with a low glycemic index in the diet. Low glycemic index shows the sugar level in fruits and their impact on blood sugar levels. Fruits with low sugar help to manage blood sugar levels. Strawberry, blackberries, oranges, tomatoes, dates, bananas, pears, apples are the best fruit for a diabetic patient. At the same time, these fruits also improve the erection process naturally.

Physical Exercises:

A new lifestyle also includes exercises to reduce weight, cut the risk of blood pressure. It reduce the impact of diabetes on the erection process. The activities can be part of the daily schedule for more significant benefit. Erectile dysfunction exercises also improve blood circulation in the body. Yoga poses that cut fat and enhances energy levels are the excellent way to change lifestyle.

Bridge Posep:

Yoga asana works on two fronts and lowers stress and anxiety levels in the body. A diabetic patient may also ace the stress-related issue. Second, yoga improves blood circulation in the body. Bridge pose is a yoga pose that promotes blood flow towards the lower part of the body. The blood flow increases in the pelvic area, which contains the male organ.

The posture also improves energy levels to do the pose, lie down on the back. Bend knees, put hands on sides, and relax. Slowly lift hips, abdomen, and chest off the ground to align with the shoulders. Only shoulders and feet should be on the ground. Breathe normally and stay in the lifted position for 10-20 seconds. Hence, come back to the regular work and relax.

Use Of Herbs And Medicines:

There is no harm in using erection boosting medicines like generic Cialis 60mg to boost erection. However, consult the doctor to know the degree of erectile dysfunction and the right dose need. There are many erectile dysfunction tablets available in the market. Avoid reaction by keeping a gap of 24 hours between one medicine dose and supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Ques1: Which erectile dysfunction drug is best?

Ans: The bestest treatment of the ED is the one that is best for all of you. Sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil are the most commonly prescribed medications for the ED and are equally safe and effective for all the person.

Ques2: Why does erectile dysfunction happen?

Ans: Most often, when the body, blood flows in the intimate part is limited. Or the nerves are harmed with stress or with emotional reasons. Early warnings of a more severe illness include atherosclerosis, hardening or blocked arteries, and heart disease.

Ques3: Can erectile dysfunction be cured?

Ans: Erectile dysfunction can cure very quickly, but it depends on the main problem of it. Some causes of ED are very easier to “cure” than the others. But, with the right diagnosis, support, it is easy to cure it.

Ques4: What foods to cure erectile dysfunction?

Ans: These are the food that can help.

  • Spinach to boost the testosterone levels. 
  • A daily cup of coffee.
  • Apple peels.
  • Supercharge your libido with the avocados.
  • Chili peppers
  • Carrots will also help to cure this.
Ques5: How does diabetes affect a man sexually?

Ans: Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve that damage associated with diabetes. and it can cause sexual issues. Numbness, pain, or the lack of feeling can also occur in the genitals in the body.

Ques6: Can viagra cure erectile dysfunction permanently?

Ans: Yes, it can be fixed very quickly by viagra. But the main thing is to depend on the cause of erectile dysfunction. Because the cure only depends on the level of the disease.

Ques7: Can erectile dysfunction cause infertility?

Ans: No, While erectile dysfunction doesn’t directly cause the male infertility, they may have the same root cause. and are often seen in conjunction with each other in the body.

Ques8: Is erectile dysfunction joint?

Ans: Yes, it is widespread in most people. But the main thing is that it all depends on the person’s age. If a kid has this erectile dysfunction, then it is not so common. But if an adult has it, then it is widespread.

Ques9: Does erectile dysfunction last forever?

Ans: Erectile dysfunction is pervasive in most people. They are affecting an estimated 35 million men in the world. The condition is usually reversible, but the chances of completely curing this depend on the underlying cause.


It is possible to cure erectile dysfunction while being a diabetic patient. There are natural remedies and erectile dysfunction treatments, including a change in diet, being more active, eating fruits that curb sugar levels. It also improving the erection process, and incorporating some physical activities or yoga in life.

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