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How Ujjayi Pranayama Benefits your health?


What is Ujjayi Pranayama?

Generally, we do pranayama to make ourselves peaceful and calm. We also follow it’s instructions to maintain good health and too good respiratory tract. It’s is a powerful breathing exercise that keeps a person healthy. Simply inhale and exhale in a structured way. In such cases, ujjayi pranayama is the most potent and effective way for a healthy life. When we discuss ujjayi pranayama, we get to know that it’s a breathing technique. It is performed and followed throughout the Astanga and vinyasa yoga. It helps fill the lungs with breath, clears the throat as well as the nostril windpipes from clogs. After this, the process of respiration takes place. As a result, the respiratory tract gets free; in case of any clogs or obstacles in the stretch, you will know.

Listed Some Ujjayi Pranayama Benefits Below:

Maintains good health for Autonomic Nervous System (ANS):

Breathing is an involuntary action, with the help of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). ANS controls the duration of inhalation and exhalation.  The breath of a person as breathing style is unique. Thus, ujjayi pranayama benefits to control our breathing. It also enhances the time duration. Additionally, it improves the method of breathing, thereby mastering our inner selves.

Keeps yourself peaceful and calm:

Yoga is a technique to meet peace for the inner selves as well as the mind. It enhances the respiratory channels in our body. Then it helps get the soul to a resting state. As we know, all the yoga prakriyas are related to the structure (asana) and breathe. But, unlike them, ujjayi pranayama relates to the breath of a person.  And also the body movement of a person. We must perform it in parallel to meet good results in the aspects of breathing and mental health too. Ujjayi pranayama benefits also help to release the feeling of irritation, frustration, and discomfort. Hence, all these benefits help to keeps the mind calm and peaceful.

Develops concentration:

The central theme of yoga and pranayama technique will assist in breathing. It also supports additionally for good physical and mental health as well. When we perform a yoga technique, we have to, in parallel, perform the body movements by focussing on the breath. Thus ujjayi pranayama benefits to meet peace and calm environment for inner selves. Thereby also helps increase our concentration levels. As a result, free to think about the things we are struggling to get over.


The term ujjayi pranayama means victorious breath according to Sanskrit terminology. Ujjayi pranayama benefits in another way to help you get victory over your mind and body. In another way, it enables you to stay fit and peaceful. As mentioned, it helps your get rid of lung problems. Also, perform this daily for some time. This ujjayi pranayama benefits will keep you calm and healthy.

Moreover, your respiratory system will function well. This helps in the development of your mind and body. Please do follow the instructions before you perform. Have a healthy living lifestyle.


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