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Panchakarma Therapy: A Healthy Way Of Living.

Indian Ayurveda has gifted us several treatments, medicines, and cures which help us to get healthy. There are a considerable number of items which we have received from it. All these measures changed the way of living standards in our life. Loaded with a significant amount of health cures. As a result, they bring positivity to our health to improve it quickly. Panchakarma Therapy is one of the best examples to prove it.

The importance of Ayurveda in our lives is considerable; without any doubt, it always introduces us to new therapies as well as medicines. The most significant work of Ayurveda is panchakarma.

Name panchakarma is the definition of its name. It defines as five actions that control the movement of the body. Well suited with the name of its treatment it describes, Nasyam, Niruham, Vomiting, Anuvaasan, and also Purgation. In simple words, it states that a panchakarma is a healing tool in Ayurveda which treats the majority of the problems in our life.

Panchakarma is the best way to eliminate impurities from the human body with the utilization of medicated oil. Panchakarma treatment is the perfect demonstration of Ayurveda which shows the values and also its reputation.

Treatment of Panchakarma Therapy:

There are mainly two types of treatments in panchakarma that show a beneficial effect on the human body. We would also like to throw the light on some essential medicines of Panchakarma therapy.

1. Oleation:

The oleation process includes the usage of oily substances over the body of a human. Ayurveda provides us with different types of oils made up of herbal and home-grown ingredients used for internal purposes. Apart from it, ghee and oil are also used for interior applications. Fatty substance in the oil is a feasible medium that figures out how to accomplish deep tissue. It also helps carry the medicinal ingredient for every body cell and gets loosen up with the toxic cells.

2. Fomentation:

Therapy in which sweat has been released is known as a fomentation. Oleation therapy is followed by fomentation therapy. Through the fomentation process, body tissues become more flexible. Toxic cells and also tissue get melt due to the oleation therapy; later, it gets flushed out of your body.

Five main Factors in Panchakarma:

There are five main factors of panchakarma, which regulate your lifestyle and boost the immunity system inside the body.

1. Vomiting:

This process is for those who have kapha dosha. The patient must intake the medicine for becoming part of the snehpana process, which runs for specific days. Medication helps to reduce the toxins from the upper part of the body. Hence, post the doctor is satisfied with the cleansing process, removing toxin begins with herbal medicines.

2. Purgation:

People who have pitta doshas must clear this process. The patient must intake the medicine for the snehpana process for specific days. Through treatments, toxin gets removed from the lower body. Once the doctor is satisfied with the cleansing process, the toxin removal process begins with the bowel.

3. Basti:

For patients suffering from the vata doshas, basti is one of the valuable treatments for cleansing. Injects herbal medication in the rectum that quickly absorbs and clears the bowel.

4. Nasya:

It maintains the level of hormones inside the body. It is administrated medical drugs by the nasal cavity. Nasya also automatically detoxifies the upper respiratory tract. Nasya is considered essential to balance all the doshas.

5. Raktamoshan:

This process, clears all the impurities from your blood, such as ulcers, skin disorders, tumours, foul odors, etc.

Symptoms For The Need For Panchakarma Therapy:

The need for panchakarma therapy arises when your body starts stockpiling up toxins. It happens due to a change in lifestyle, diet, or climate. Below we also jotted some outline to help you realize why you need panchakarma therapy in your life.

  1. Lazy or tired throughout the day
  2. Bad breath
  3. Frequent diarrhea or vomiting
  4. Sleep disorder
  5. Coating of thick layer on the tongue
  6. Anxiety
  7. Unnecessary body pain
  8. Unwanted food cravings

Through ayurvedic panchakarma therapy, the soul and also body can get nurture themselves. This treatment should be done once a year.

Benefits of Panchakarma:

Ayurveda has a wide range of treatments for the problems by which a human gets suffered. It demonstrates the ancient science of the medical period in which every disease has a solution through herbs. Moreover, panchakarma focuses on improving lifestyle. Hence, it corrects your way of living and makes sure the problem will not occur again.

Apart from the panchakarma therapy benefits, Ayurveda also offers a lot in medical science. However, all those treatments are discussed in length, which we are not going to discuss here.

Panchakarma Therapy

Panchakarma is followed by many doctors worldwide, where it shows effective results on the human body. It also includes all those crucial factors that focus on the correction of five elements: mind & body.

Best panchakarma therapy focuses on the procedure to maintain the body doshas and to restore to the lifestyle with a healthy immunity power.

  1. Since the panchakarma process’s main aim is to detoxify the body, it removes all the impurities from the blood. There are different stages for the body’s purification, which increase the immunity of your digestive system and remove toxins. Through this process, the body can restore its natural healing abilities. Hence, one can lead a healthy life along with better body functions.
  2. The course of the panchakarma treatment shows a balance between your lifestyle and work attitude. It involves a healthy diet and a healthy living style. By following all the schedules on time, one can restore the values of sleeping timings and eating habits.
  3. During the treatment period, the patient has to keep all the new technological devices and applications as far as possible as these devices can create stress. While taking the treatment, chikitasak focuses on the body and mind cleansing part and also ensure that all negativity and stress can stay afar.

Panchakarma Therapy Performs Other Tasks.

Besides the benefits mentioned above, panchakarma helps you to deal with other life problems too. These might be some minor issues, but their change can positively affect our daily lifestyle and also health.

  • It slows the ageing process
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • It also helps to restore your ability to make decisions
  • Improve your mental health issues
  • Boost your immunity system.


Panchakarma is a professional therapy where you need to consult its specialists. A qualified physician performs the treatment according to the design of panchakarma. For experiencing a healthy lifestyle, consult a doctor.

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