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Treatment for Insomnia

Prolong difficulty in maintaining your regular sleeping patterns could be something that you are not familiar with. So I am going to share some tips and Ayurvedic treatment for insomnia.

If you spent your working hours by day-dreaming, then our nights awakens with curiosity. You probably might also feel like entering into a fantasy world in the beginning. Practically, it might be like losing yourself in your thoughts and emotions. To overcome your intuitions, you will have to come out of the imaginary and fictitious realm soon.

A girl is sitting on the bed
Lack of sleep (Insomnia)

It could be like a sign of something awful. Because prolong difficulty in maintaining your regular sleep patterns could be something that you are not familiar with it. It could be ‘Insomnia.’

But before you arrive at any conclusion, you will have to cross-check yourself. You will have to self- diagnose yourself with the following question that are related to insomnia symptoms.

  • Can you able to take a sound sleep?
  • Are you undergoing any fear at your bedtime?
  • Did you feel any restlessness always?
  • Are you facing any anxiety while sleeping?

If yes, For any above question then these could be the severe symptoms of ‘insomnia.’

What is Insomnia?

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Insomnia is a kind of mental illness that leads to a severe disturbance in your sleeping schedules. In other words, It refers to sleep disorders. It is a psychiatric problem associated with our sleeping habits, such sleep disorder list: –

  • You might not be able to sleep correctly and adequately daily.
  • You might wake up frequently at night, and then getting back to sleep will be tough.
  • Irregular sleep, as well as awakening.
  • You may also feel tired or doziness at the wake-up time.
  • You are waking up too early.
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Just imagine how a person feels if he doesn’t get a restful nap for many days and nights. Thus, it is awful and pitiful. Therefore, such a patient needs to have immediate treatment.

What are the causes of insomnia?

A Sufficient amount of sleeping is necessary for all of us. Otherwise, it will influence our health,  physique, education, concentration, and above all, our life. Causes Description Semi-Types of causes
1.   Environment Atmospheric Vibes can affect the sleep pattern of an individual.   1. Loud Noises
2. Wedding Function
3. Parties
4. Other lively music events.
5. Get together.
2.   Odd- eating timings   A person should have a 3-times meal at the right time. Otherwise, it may cause heartburn or acidity, which consequently may cause insomnia. 1. Late eating.
2. Irregular Diet.
3. Unhealthy Food.
4. Unfix times of meal.
3.   Drug addiction   Addiction to the drug could cause a change in sleep pattern. It may keep you restless. 1. Smoking
2. Alcohol
3. Tambacoo  
4.   Drink addiction Drink are stimulants that can keep you awake at night if taken at late hours. 1. coffee
2. Tea
3. Soft drink
4. Alcohol
5. Heavy and unhealthy Shakes
5.   Age factors Kids or elder ones tend to sleep early. Youngsters and adults are the more current ones. They can sleep late and wake according to their schedules. 1. Kids
2. Youngsters
3. Elders
4. Adults
6.   Stressful issues   Sometimes stress caused due to sudden events in life which may cause insomnia.   1. Death
2. Money Loss in Business.
3. Death of loved one.
7.  Job structure   Specific jobs have an odd day and night work timings. The work timings can affect the sleep-wake cycle of a person. Hence, it can cause wakefulness. 1. Day and night work shift.
2. Jetlag
3. Frequently traveling from one place to another.
8.   Habitual Activities Sometimes people engage themselves in activities. All of such actions can disturb your sleep routine. 1. Watching T.V
2. Computers
3. Smartphone
4. Late working Hour.
5. Study Regularly.
6. Social Networking
7. Video Games
9.   Medication   Sometimes a person may also be undergoing some medical treatment for either short term or long term disease. Chronic illness may cause insomnia. On the other hand, minor issues may also influence sleeplessness. 1. Chronic illness:
a) Cancer.
b) Asthma.
c) Heart Disease.
d) Arthritis.
2. Minor issues:
a) Cold
b) Flu
c) Cough
d) Depression
e) Allergy
10.   Tension   Stress can be the cause of Sleepless Nights. It furthermore causes anxiety. 1. Job
2. Health
3. School
4. Marriage
5. Poverty
6. Family Disputes.

Once an individual trapped by insomnia, it may sicken his or her life in many ways.

Effects of Insomnia:

An extended period of insomnia can drive a person mad at times. The condition is very irritating and annoying, as well as challenging to handle. As a result, he/she needs immediate treatment. I will mention some home remedies and ayurvedic treatment for insomnia.


A man is standing on the road and a car is coming from the front

An insomniac person doesn’t feel relaxed and stable. Therefore, such a person must avoid driving. As a result, a severe accident can occur, which can harm others or himself.

Disturbed Mind:

The absence of proper sleep can dump you down. It can mentally affect you in many ways. As a result, it can influence your account, your thinking ability, reasoning power, alertness, concentration, questioning – answering, solving of sums or problems, etc.

A man is standing with Disturbed mind
Disturbed mind

Risk Factor:

Prolong insomniac condition of a person can risk his life. He may develop a specific undesirable disease such as Heart disease, stroke, low or high blood pressure. Thus, timely treatment is a must for such a person.

Loss of Sexual Interest:

Insomnia leading cause stressful mind, depleted energy, restlessness, sleepiness. Thus, all these factors may cause damage to interest in sex drive.


Wakefulness can further result in anxiety, stress, or depression. As a result, the mind of the insomniac person may get enveloped with tensions, negativity, or unnecessary conflicting thoughts.


Science reveals that a minute growth of an individual occurs when he/she sleeps because, during that time, a specific growth hormone released. So, Sleepless Nights hurts the insomniac person. Thus, it affects healthy aging, skin, physique, and other physical factors.

Consolidating Memory:

As the mind and brain are severely affected by insomnia, it can further lead to forgetfulness. Sleeplessness causes a sensation in the nerves of the active intellect; therefore, in turn, results in a change in mind, emotions, ideas, and beliefs.


If elongated insomnia conditions left untreated, thus, it might prove to be fatal and fallout to cause dementia. Therefore, sometimes, it leads to immediate casualty or death.

Judgemental Power:

As the mind occupied with the thoughts to sleep and rest. Thus, it likes the hypothesis and not being able to sleep. In such a situation, judgmental and interpretational power becomes almost nil due to Insomnia.

Weight Gain:

Sometimes, it has noticed that due to less nap, the awakening duration is more. Consequently, the insomniac person will tend to be more hungry. As a result, his weight gain possibilities are more in comparison with an average person taking a night of sound sleep.

Sleeping Pills

The sufferer will find ways to prevent his situation. He might look for sleep aids or sleeping pills.

Overall, effects and causes imply that insomnia is a tremendous catastrophic situation that should deal with as soon as possible.

👉As a result of this, I am sharing with you some home treatment for Insomnia

Home-treatment for insomnia:

Meditation as a Home Treatment for Insomnia:

What is meditation?

Meditation is the best way to keep yourself relaxed by focussing on positivity and also confronting your mind, heart, and soul peacefully. It is a long but helpful ayurvedic treatment for insomnia for a long period.

Thus, it is a general technique of uplifting your senses in the bliss of well being. As a result, this practice taught by spiritual masters, mental health experts, and in the meditation center.

A girl doing yoga
It brings peace to mind.
Types of meditation

There are many types of meditating processes. The insomniac one can go through each of them so that he reaches the favorable one that soothes his mind and soul.

Meditation for love:

In this form of meditation, one can also feel loved and spreading love, positivity, and kindness for each being of this world. It even including his loved ones, his enemies and haters too. A loving note, for the welfare of others, repeated until the meditator develops the attitude of love and compassion in nature.

Thus, this type of meditation recommended to the insomniac person affected by frustration, anger, depression, or anxiety.

Meditation to heal:

In this form of meditation, the practitioner asks to focus from downwards (feet), and thus scanning the whole body, towards upwards and releasing out all tensions.

Thus this technique, the person can sit in a relaxed pose and feels healed, fresh, and peaceful.

Meditation for awareness:

According to this awareness, mediation aims at focussing on the present situation of the practitioner. Instead of dwelling with memories or fearing for the future, the strategy is to calm the mind from extra anxiety, worst experiences, and emotional bonds. Thus, it focuses on living in content in the prevailing circumstances.

Meditation for breath awareness:

This technique of meditation involves focussing on breathing momentum. The practitioner can also ask to breathe slow & deep and to count each breath. Therefore, the purpose of this meditation is to improve concentration by ignoring other thoughts. As a result, such meditation will help an insomniac person who disturbs emotionally.

Meditation to unfold chakras:

This practice of meditation is also called kundalini yoga. A Guru or spiritual teacher learn this form of meditation. The practitioner can also ask to recite mantra along with a deep breath. An insomniac person can practice this medication at home by chanting the word ‘Om.’ It will help him to improve his overall state mind by reducing depression and anxiety.

Zen meditation:

Buddhist and his followers practiced this form of meditation. It involves specific steps and postures. Therefore, it aims to look out for a relaxing mode or position of an individual, focussing on breathing and observing the direction of thoughts. It also intends to mindfully change the course of the ideas in mind towards God. Thus, a person who has insomnia can practice meditation at home and regain his judgmental power.

Meditation to feel risen:

This is a spiritual kind of meditation where the practitioner sits in a pleasing environment like a place. Therefore, you can listen to slow music or sit at your place of worship or garden. You can also feel the presence of nature, birds, coolness, etc.

Hence, the practitioner has to close eyes and mindfully rise above his present state of mind by uttering a series of words taught by a spiritual teacher. Accordingly, the insomniac person will learn to be and more focussed by controlling his mind.

Mantra meditation:

Under this treatment for insomnia, the insomniac person has to focus on a specific mantra. The mantra should also be pleasant and peaceful. Thus, you can chant Mahamantra or ‘Om’ or mantra given by Guru. Reciting Mantra has a cleansing effect on your mind. As a result, it will clear your mind from unwanted thoughts. This is the easiest ayurvedic treatment for insomnia.

Similarly, counting of beads with mantra is also an effective way to calm your mind before going to bed. If you wake up in the middle of the night, then you can again do mantra jap. You may fall asleep while chanting. Hence, you can fall asleep faster and longer.

Longer, fall asleep faster and return to sleep more quickly if:


An insomniac person can practice specific techniques of Yoga to get a perfect nap.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a traditional practice that involves both physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines in breathing, exercising and meditation.

Hence, there is plenty number of exercises in Yoga that an insomniac person can conduct daily. After that, he will feel relieved and in harmony with his thoughtful mind. Thus, this will enable him to enjoy a night of deep, peaceful sleep.

A girl doing yoga
It is helpful in perfect and clean breathing.
Various Yoga Exercises

As a result of this, they are sharing specific yoga techniques that an insomniac person can follow to fall sleep rapidly.

L-shaped Pose:

According to this form of Yoga exercise, you have to lie down on a flat surface and put you your legs upright on the wall. Subsequently, you can relax and feel your breathing in and out.

Butterfly Pose:

In this form of exercise, you lie down on a flat surface and thus, allow your knees to flap like a butterfly on the respective sides.

It is a strenuous kind of exercise that is going to exhaust the concerned person and persuade him to fall asleep naturally.

Corpse Pose:

This exercise requires a person to lay down on a flat area with both arms and legs widely straighten on either side. Hence, with this pose, you have to focus on your inhale and exhale breathing rate.

Hero Pose:

This is a relaxed seated pose with your bottoms upon your heels. Thus, this pose stretches the muscles of the knees and ankles. There is no need for any movement, but you have to feel loosen up, calm, and composed.

Restful Pose:

This is a comfortable pose in which a person lie-down on his belly with one leg extended and also bend out to the opposite side at a right angle degree. Thus, the other leg straightens out and headrest at the direction of the bent leg. Hence, the person has to focus on the sensation of breathing in and out.

Child Pose:

It is a kneeling pose that allows the belly to rest on the thighs; there is a gentle stretch on the hips, legs, and ankles, but the muscles relax. It is also a comfortable position for insomnia person.

Other Poses:

Some different typical poses let you off into a restful deep sleep. Such as

  • Cat and cow pose
  • Twisted pose
  • Head-to-knee pose
  • Bound angle pose
  • Wide-angle seated pose
  • Wind-relieving pose


Regular exercise will not only help to keep your body fit but also help in having a sound sleep.

exercise help Ayurveda treatment for insomnia
It helps to keep body fit.

The following exercise may help in for insomnia:

  1. Daily brisk walking for at least 20 mints
  2. Small walks twice a day.
  3. Walk/Run or can also mix both of them.
  4. Walking with friends or pet
  5. Running or jogging
  6. Cycling or swimming
  7. Joining a gym
  8. Shoulder presses
  9. Bicep curls
  10. Triceps dips
  11. Squats
  12. Lunges
  13. Calf raises
  14. Sit-ups and push-ups

Although these exercises can boost up the mood and refresh the mind, some of the above mentioned should commend under some trainer or guidance depending upon the condition of insomnia.

Massage as Ayurvedic treatment for Insomnia

Massage therapy is a natural and easy ayurvedic treatment for Insomnia that can also help to prevent feelings of pain, anxiety, and depression. It is like pampering the body either by oil or cream. Thus, gentle massage on head, foot, face, neck, or back gives a pleasurable sensation to the body.

massage ayurvedic treatment to insomnia
It helps to relax the muscles.

It helps for an insomniac person in:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Relaxed muscles
  3. Boosting serotonin levels (hormones)
  4. Reduction in stress levels
  5. Stronger immunity.
How to massage?

Massage can complete in various ways, such as:

  1. Massage with circular movements
  2. Deep massage focusing on joints, bones, and also muscles.
  3. Sports massage focuses on the area of pain.

Lavender as a boon:

Wonder how a flowering plant, Lavender, can help in the peaceful night!! It also has scientifically proven that this vibrant Specie with a fragrant scent commits to work as a herbal supplement to cure anxiety, depression, insomnia, headache, and even toothache. This is also one of the most beneficial ayurvedic treatment for insomnia.

lavender frequent as ayurvedic treatment for insomnia
Its Fregnence help to relax the mind
Ways to use Lavender:

Various ways enable you to keep gorgeous lavender orally near yourself, such as:

  1. You should apply a few drops of lavender oil on your hands, neck, or temple before you go to bed.
  2. Sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on a tissue paper or handkerchief and lastly, tuck it under your pillow.
  3. You can also sprinkle lavender oil in the air of your bedroom as a perfume or spray it on your pillow.
  4. Take a hot bath and also add lavender in your water bucket.
  5. You can also apply it to your painful areas as a skin cream or a body lotion.
  6. You can brew lavender in your tea or coffee and thus use it as an ingredient in recipes.
  7. Massage with the essential oil can also prove to be productive.

Hence, this vibrant flower can work as aromatherapy to enrich your mood and allow you to sleep well.

Melatonin as Ayurvedic treatment for insomnia

Melatonin is a natural hormone formed by the pineal gland in our body associated with our sleeping schedule. Thus, it regulates the day-night cycle inbuilt in our collection. People in stress consume it due to jet lag, day-night work shifts, Transferable jobs, etc.

Melatonin can also use as a sleeping pill or as a dispersible tablet to place under the tongue by the Insomniac person. Otherwise, it is available in medical stores in form gel or the form of injectable medicine.

Melatonin ayurvedic treatment for insomia.
This can be used as sleeping pills.

You can take about 2 mg of melatonin (supplementary tablet) two hours before going to sleep. In the case of traveling tours also, you can intake melatonin two hours before you sleep at your destination. This is also a helpful ayurvedic treatment for insomnia to make a person sleep.

How safe is melatonin?
  1. It is safe for adults and children above two years if taken by mouth.
  2. Melatonin skin gel is also a safe product.
  3. It should also inject into the muscles under the supervision of a health care professional.
  4. This also does not recommend for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  5. It does not recommend to a person suffering from another severe disease.
  6. Overdosage of melatonin can be harmful.

Overall, it believes to be a safe and healthy supplement with almost negligible side effects for an insomniac person.

 Other Tips and tricks for Insomnia

Some other necessary Tips and Tricks for an insomniac are as follows:

  1. Avoid the intake of nicotine, coffee, tea alcohol, etc. during sleep time
  2. Consume less amount of food at dinner time.
  3. Let your bedroom also be dark and cozy.
  4. Do your household works yourself so that you feel tired
  5. Go to bed only if you feel exhausted.
  6. Don’t just lie down on the bed if not able to sleep. Thus, wake up and occupy yourself in some work.
  7. Read a Holy scripture, storybook, or your favorite novel before you go to bed.
  8. Join a recreational club.
  9. Share your feelings with your loved ones.


In today’s cruel and self-centered world, it is undoubtedly challenging to find peace and harmony. Even an ordinary person can also strive hard to find his own identity and goes through various ups and downs of life. So, for an insomniac person, it would rather be a tough task to overcome his anxiety and frustration around.

Practice makes a man perfect: In the same way, through a sincere effort and a strong will-power, the Insomnia condition can surely cure. It should note that it is going to be hard, but it wouldn’t be an impossible thing. Hence, these Home remedies and ayurvedic treatment for insomnia aim to relax your heart, mind, and soul and stay motivated.

Finally, it can conclude that instead of staring at the tick-tick of your clock or counting stars at night, use these home remedies to sleep peacefully with sweet dreams!

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